Have you ever wanted to travel alone?  No? Yes?  Well I did and it was amazing.  I agree there just some places you need to see with someone or else unless you snap a picture nobody would believe you.  Hopefully I can give you some hints that can help.

I want to do both.  I travelled by myself for a month with a backpack.  I travelled with a good friend for a month another time.  I discovered that while most hate it, I love to fly.  Don’t get me wrong, I love leaving the airport too, but knowing that I am heading to my destination.. it’s exciting. 

Welcome to my site!!! This site begs the question?  Where will you be in a year?  Will you be on a trip, a new parent, newlywed, newly single, new grandparent?  This question should stay with you.  Where will you be in a year?  So vague yet so specific.  I know where I wish to be in a year.  On an adventure!  I love to Travel!!!  I bit this bug late in life, but I know the world is my oyster!!! and I love it!!! come with me on my journeys!!! my crazy sometimes unbelievable stories and my I hope great photos.. and always ask yourself…

Where will you be in a year? 

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Madainn Mhath



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